Executive Assessment

A way to effectively access where and how to develop people with biggest impact. It is used when an organization needs an external view on a group of executives. It is used when teams need a vocabulary to talk team dynamics or used when an executive needs to hit the ground running in an executive coaching process.

Executive Team Development

An opportunity to ensure that the team constantly work to become better at reaching strategic goals through how they interact. Focus is to build coherence and effective problem solving in a team environment that typically has to balance a wide range of shifting priorities, resources allocations and world views.

Executive Coaching

Individual sessions enabling leaders to deal with the challenges of leadership or transitioning into a new level of leadership. It can involve different levels of fact finding (stakeholder interviewing, assessment or similar) to ensure that the process is on the right track.

Leadership Development

Shorter or longer development initiatives to build core leadership capabilities for a group of people in an organization. Emphasis is on research based methods of creating sustainable learning, engagement and a high level of interaction among participants to create experience based learning.