Mikkel Madvig

Mikkel has spent more than 20 years developing managers & executives in international companies as well as in Danish based organizations. This gives Mikkel an international benchmark for what talent looks like and how Talent Management is done globally. It also means that his work is constantly embedded in how organizations work – and it always includes direct and impactful development advise and planning for next steps.

Mikkel got his Master’s Degree in Psychology from University of Copenhagen in 1995. He built the early foundation of his knowledge of HR, business and leadership in Maersk in the beginning of 2000s, starting within Corporate Leadership Development and then as Head of Headquarter Recruitment. He then moved to consulting to become VP, Head of Leadership Development & Talent Management in Right Kjaer & Kjerulff and then later to up a position as Managing Director of A&D Resources (Hogan Denmark). His latest corporate position was 4 years as Senior Director, Group Talent Management in Maersk until he in 2016 decided to build his own company.